You hear the notions of domain and website very often. Sometimes they are used in combination, other times you just hear about them separately. But many have the question; Are they one and the same? Or are there any differences?

What is a domain?

The domains are basically website names that are identified with a string of numbers. When you enter a domain name in your browser, you will basically call for the IP address that is identified with that particular domain, which send you to the server (large computer) where the domain is hosted.

The domain name is designed as a simpler way for customers to visit a website and remember its location. There are two main portions of each domain, you have the TLD and the domain name. Basically, the TLD is that part of your domain that follows the bulk of that name after the dot, such as .net and .com.

The idea is that a domain name is basically a connector between you the user and the computer that hosts that particular website’s files. It’s a simple interface that you can access however and whenever you want, and far easier to remember that a load of numbers.

What is a website?

A website is known as a collection of web pages that can be found within a domain. Unlike the domain which is static, you will find that the website is pretty much a living entity. You always have new tools and ideas that you can use within your website and there are always new things you can do within the domain depending on your needs and expectations.

The website is easy to customize. You won’t be able to customize a domain after you choose it, however customizing a website is rather simple, intuitive and a delight to do for that reason alone … allowing your site to stay up to date with trends and keep the information relevant.

Can the domain and website work together or are they separate entities?

As you can imagine, a domain and website are tied and they will work together. You will need to get the domain name before you can create your website and once you have it, you will can customize your website in any way you want. There are many opportunities to be had here and the value can be rewarding for that reason alone.

However, you should keep in mind that a domain isn’t the exact same thing as a website. Sure, the notions might seem a bit similar at first, but in the end it’s easy to understand why you would combine the two notions, even if you might do that out of mistake. The domain tells users where to find the files that make your website (it’s hosting account and the website pages).

Keep in mind that investing in a good domain name is one of the best ways to boost your business and make your website enticing. At the end of the day, it’s what you post on your website and the services you offer that can either make or break the experience! But, a complicated domain will only make it easier for people to forget. Short and either relevant or brand-able is best.

Where to buy a domain name?

Most good hosts will provide a domain name with the hosting package. However, sometimes you want to get the name secured first (for branding, company etc.) and then worry about finding a host later. Some of the biggest domain registrars in the industry include: