VPS hosting is a type of hosting that indicates the use of a virtual personal server. Basically, you have the physical server that is stored in a data center. Then, you have multiple drive partitions that include their own operating systems, disk space and bandwidth allocations. As a result, you will have different servers in a single physical server, each one with its own specifics. This is very important and does provide you with a great set of results and benefits for that reason alone. As, often shared hosting can include other accounts on one section, the server can be slower if a website is very popular. Hence, with a VPS, you can decide what you need as your ‘allocated resources’.

The main reason why you may want to opt for VPS hosting is simple. It’s a great way to have your own seemingly dedicated server without dealing with the same costs. Yes, VPS hosting is a lot cheaper when compared to dedicated hosting and this is its main true benefit to be honest. Sure, there are many other pros as you can see below, but this is by far the best thing to keep in mind. The simple fact is that you have a very good set of features and results with VPS that provides users with an incredible, fast experience, and this is the outcome for your website which can be very rewarding (a fast website can mean many more sales).


It all comes down to finding the right approach for you. What you will initially note about VPS hosting is that it’s inexpensive, but at the same time you have a wide array of customization options. You are not forced into certain modifications and so on, you can do what you want with your website, even controlling which Linux is put on the server, or install Windows if you so desire.

The fact that you get to have so much control over the entire hosting experience is a great deal. It does provide you with a wide array of benefits and that work towards your website having an edge. However, most companies will also setup your VPS if you wish (for a fee of course), which means you don’t have to be an expert to benefit from the extra power.

Another thing to keep in mind here is that the VPS hosting offerings can grow with your website’s growth. You don’t have to worry that much about scaling, which is very important. Friendly support and help from VPS hosting is available too, which is a comfort for those with less experience, or whom run into issues.


Just like any other hosting services, this one is not perfect. You do have to pay more than shared hosting and you do need to have some knowledge if you want to customize it properly. And while the existing market for VPS hosting is pretty small at the moment, it will almost certainly grow in the long run – the web isn’t exactly becoming unpopular.

At the end of the day, VPS hosting provides you with a great array of incredible results and you might want to consider giving it a shot if your site is getting a lot of traffic (or is resource heavy, such as streaming and using large files). Sure, it might require you to pay a bit more when compared to shared hosting, but the results do normally pay off if your site is designed well, popular and then faster from VPS. Overall, VPS can help your visitors to have an incredible experience and that will be great – as Google loves happy visitors!