When you want to create a website and find a new host, you most likely learn that shared hosting is one of the best options out there. But you do have to wonder, why is that, and can shared hosting help you get a good set of results or not? Let’s find out right away!

Simply put, shared hosting is one of the simplest hosting services that you can find. At its core, the idea is very simple. You have a single server on which the hosting company will store multiple websites. This is the reason why shared hosting is cheaper when compared to other hosting variants, because you don’t have to purchase a single server for yourself. You split the costs with others, which in the end can come in handy. As you can imagine, there are some drawbacks that come from this as you can see below.


The major downside is that you get to split the server resources with others. As a result, the performance may vary. If you want to have a website and grow it to have a lot of traffic, you obviously want to have as many resources as possible at your disposal. You can’t do that with such a hosting service. However, unless you are a super star, or own a large and extremely popular website, you probably won’t need more than the amount of resources provided by shared hosting. Most shared hosting providers monitor and adjust the number of clients on a single server to ensure that the experience remains fast and reliable.

Another aspect is that you don’t know the type of sites that share the server with you (this is not too important nowadays, as servers include antivirus systems and Google understands that this is beyond the average persons control). Also, there is a lack of customization options which may make the process of working with shared hosting trickier for high traffic or demanding websites that require a lot of resource. If you are unsure, contact a hosting provider and provide as much information as possible, as going VPS or Dedicated server is expensive and likely not necessary.


You get to save quite a lot of money if you opt for shared hosting and this is very important to keep in mind. It’s the cheapest option out there, not to mention that you an easily upgrade to other types of hosting. If you just have a new website and you don’t want to invest a lot of money in it, this may be one of the best ways to start for sure – starting with a basic package and upgrading later. You don’t have to perform any maintenance too, and that works to your advantage.

Another advantage is that shared hosting comes with an easy to use cPanel (control panel) at no extra cost. This makes it easier to manage and setup for novice-intermediate users. It also means no additional monthly fees for cPanel. This, combined with good customer support, can mean a newbie can often setup their first website. WordPress can be installed, along with many other options, just with a single click. For new users, this is a blessing, as WordPress has many free tutorials online, as does cPanel.

Yes, shared hosting does have its own share of challenges, but overall it’s a very robust hosting solution with a lot of value. If you want quality and great results, you will not have a problem generating the very best experience for users (in most cases). Just check it out and you will see that you do get quite a bit of value for your money! And, if your website is a raging success and you need to upgrade later, it shouldn’t be hard to get things moved to bigger package or even a VPS.