All aboard! Business in Cambodia is about to take off

In 2017 a new submarine telecom cable connected Cambodia with Thailand and Malaysia. This is a giant step for business in Cambodia that will help both local and foreign companies in the country release their potentials.

The Cambodian tele giant Telcotech will soon start operating its new submarine telecom cable that will connect Cambodia, Thailand and Malaysia. The cable will furthermore connect with the giant Asia-America Gateway, a 20,000 km long cable connecting USA and Asia.

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What is VPS hosting? Pros and Cons

VPS hosting is a type of hosting that indicates the use of a virtual personal server. Basically, you have the physical server that is stored in a data center. Then, you have multiple drive partitions that include their own operating systems, disk space and bandwidth allocations. As a result, you will have different servers in a single physical server, each one with its own specifics. This is very important and does provide you with a great set of results and benefits for that reason alone. As, often shared hosting can include other accounts on one section, the server can be slower if a website is very popular. Hence, with a VPS, you can decide what you need as your ‘allocated resources’.

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